Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Crafting

I spent way too much of my Saturday morning creating templates and examples for the Valentine's Day crafts we worked on today! I have to say, though, they turned out pretty great!

One of my team teachers had a cute little idea to make paper bag card holders. I saw these puppets

 here and decided to make the giraffe and the bear. I used Word and my good friend HB to make the giraffe template, so that one is not the most professional looking thing...whatever. I printed the templates on coloured paper to make life a whole lot easier! {I love teaching Art but find it stresses me out ha!} Just make sure the kids glue on the words so they don't show on the finished product.

Giraffe Templates:

Giraffe inner ear, nose and ossicones {Yep, I had to Google "giraffe antlers or horns" to find the actual name - ossicones!}

Giraffe head and ears {Not too pretty, but it works.}

Bear Templates:

Bear ears and nose

Bear inner ear and mouth

The last craft we will create is the cute little butterfly lollipop gift that I'm sure you've seen fluttering around the blogosphere lately. We will be exchanging these after randomly drawing names so that each of the grade two classes can participate in a little gift-giving. Fun!

I'm looking forward to reading about all of the other great ideas teachers are sharing about their class Valentine's Day creations! Here's hoping checking out blogs doesn't become an unhealthy obsession...

- Amanda

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  1. Those are adorable, Amanda! We did something similar with doggie bag holders. I might post them later today.
    Take care!

    Grade ONEderful