Friday, February 24, 2012

Some fractions stuff I didn't quite get to...

Awhile ago I made a little printable to use with our fractions unit. I wanted an activity that was hands-on for my kids and that showed them exactly what it means to cut a shape in half to create a fraction by...yep, cutting a shape in half. And in thirds, fourths, fifths and sixths. I didn't have time to get to it before the unit was over, but here are a couple pages at any rate:

It took me quite awhile to make considering a glitchy text box {that only showed when I saved as PDF, of course} and the fact that I neglected to consider the size of the margins for the fraction parts! Anyway, feel free to Click here to download. The title page border is by From the Pond and the font is His Name is Honey from Kevin and Amanda.

I also wanted to make fraction bookmarks after seeing the teacher wife's photo here. {She has such cute units!} But again, didn't quite get to them. But since reading is not a regular extra-curricular for a lot of my class, I'm not heartbroken. {They have reading strategies bookmarks that we use often in class anyway!}

We did, however, get to the test {haha} - it's a plain old boring test. It's really quite simple, but download here in case you're looking for something...simple?

Hope someone out there can use any of this!

OH! And, I found a great clip art site for educators: ClipArt ETC. It's where I found the fractions pies and strips. There are all kinds of things that could be useful. Happy creating!

- Amanda

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