Monday, February 6, 2012

Individual Word Walls

Last week I did a trial run of individual word walls. Here's how it worked:

I created a very simple table and added some of the words that I know some of my students can't read. A lot of them are VERY simple words, and that's a shame, despite everything I'm trying to do in class. The rest of the space in each box is reserved for words the students will add themselves. I printed the "word walls" and placed them in binder protectors, then taped them to each student's desk. I have a long room, and it's pretty small, but some of students just can't see the word wall from their desks, and with all of the motivational and behavioural issues I deal with in my room, it is difficult to do any whole-class activities that focus on it. Plus, by the time some students get to the carpet from their desk to stare up at it, they have forgotten why they went there in the first place!

When I introduced these word walls to the class, I told them it was a gift from dear teacher, because I love them soooo much! {I tell my students I love them everyday. Every.Single.Day. Even when I'm annoyed. In fact, often when I'm annoyed. Maybe that's to help me keep my cool. Ha!} I want them to have somewhere to find words that they don't know how to spell, and somewhere to add new words that interest them. I really tried to hype this up. I was shocked and pleased when all day after that I had students asking if they could add new words to their word wall! The first word request was "predict" after a Science experiment we had to start early in the morning. Awesome. So far, a success! I hope it works out because it could be a huge benefit teaching ESL. Download the file here, if you please. I left it as a Word doc so you can edit the words.

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  1. What an awesome idea! I am definitely going to try it out!