Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ahhh, weekend!

It's finally here...

It was a long week. Longer than most. At our school this week we had International Week presentations AND Kuwait National Day assemblies and performances AND a school-wide BBQ AND a ton of stress-filled fun. I am so happy that my class enjoyed this week - SO HAPPY behaviour issues were at a minimum. In fact, one day I actually had EVERY student in my class at "Amazing!" And that's simply amazing. In retrospect, it really was a great week. Difficult, yes, and I probably complained too much, but in the end it was pretty fun.

One day happened to be so stressful, though, that Jeff and I went straight home from school {early even - gasp!} and booked tickets to Bahrain for our four-day weekend. So looking forward to this!

Anyway, here are just a few photos of the things that happened this week:

We hosted a lot of kids in our classroom this week to present our learning about Peru. My students were so cute and helpful with all of the SK classes {there are five altogether!} and it made me love their crazy antics more.

For our presentation, my students explained the symbols on Peru's coat of arms and then we had each visiting student complete a personal coat of arms. This is one of my favs.

We read "Don't Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus!" by Mo Willems and created our own "rules" for the pigeon. This one is just the sweetest.

 I was inspired by The First Grade Parade's fraction caterpillars. Of course, hers are MUCH cuter, but it was still a fun little project.

Today we used our Language Arts time to create our penguin books. They look great! We read a couple non-fiction books together and then recalled some of the new facts. The cutting was not as tedious as I expected! See my post here for the printable. I love that this kid has henna all over her hands - who's teaching a penguin unit in a desert country? Yep, that's me.

And today, since I only had 11 of my 21 students, we did "The Blubber Glove" experiment to find our how penguins stay warm in their natural habitat. So fun and the kids Loved it! I found instructions here. Not gonna lie, though - I'm not sure I would do this experiment with a whole class! They were just too excited. I love how this penguin unit is shaping up! I'll have to combine all of the ideas into a grand unit plan. {Ooops - isn't that what we're supposed to do BEFORE we teach? Because we use our text books Sunday through Wednesday I really only have time for fun fillers on Thursdays.}

I'll be posting a few fractions printables next, but only if I get to post before we fly out. In that case, I think the next post will have to be photos from Bahrain!

Happy almost weekend to all of my western buds and happy long weekend to all of my middle eastern buds. Enjoy!

- Amanda

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