Wednesday, July 1, 2015

iceland in four days

After our short time in Paris, we had another stopover on the way to Toronto in Iceland. It was such a cool place. We didn't stay in Reykjavik but sort of between there and Keflavik, and our hotel was actually very near the Blue Lagoon and in a lava field. It was surreal - very much how I imagine other planets would look. I happened to be reading The Martian while we were there, too, which was more than fitting! (Very cool book, by the way, and soon to become a Matt Damon - great choice! - movie.) 

While it wasn't as cold there as you might expect, it did take Mara some time to adjust.

One of our first food stops was at a fairly new restaurant right in Reykjavik called Public House
It was delicious, but had very small portions.

Icelandic wool

 Another place we happened upon was Kol and it was really, really good. 
A great place to get a cocktail before your meal.

Mara got to ride an Icelandic horse! Fun facts: these horses are the purest breed in the world as they've never been cross-bred and they have five different gaits, where most horses only have three.

A stop at Micro Bar for some craft brew (apparently one of the best 11 bars to go to in Iceland).

Traveling with a baby meant that there's a ton of stuff we couldn't do, so we'd definitely like to go back to tour around more - touch some glaciers, see some hot springs, and hang out with some puffins. Iceland Air gives up to 7 nights as stopover without fees, so we're actually thinking of taking the Europe route again another time we're flying back to Canada!

We did get to have a hot dog, though, the One Dish to Eat in Iceland...