Friday, February 17, 2012

clip chart revisited

This week, I thought I'd focus on the great in my room. I made a bunch of positive phone calls home because I was feeling a little down about some of the really poor behaviour from some students in my class. Sometimes I don't think I give the wonderful kids enough of my attention...

I try to keep it positive in my room. Try. Sometimes it is draining, but I feel it is SO SO important. I realize that I rely on my clip chart a lot to focus my student's toward striving for the top. I love love love my clip chart! Often, all I have to do is walk toward or stand beside it to get the full attention of {most} of my little friends. I can tell that my students are working so hard to remember to listen and show respect, as there has been some major improvements in classroom behaviour. Phew! I still have one or two students that have never ended a day on "Amazing," which makes me very sad, but I just have to keep on trying...

Also, my class is loving the scratch cards, and I was SO pleased that I had to make more {...and maybe a little exhausted at the prospect of mixing and gluing the night I realized I needed more}!!! See my post about that here. I keep the scratched cards in a Ziploc on the white board as a little visual reminder for the class {OR maybe because I always forget which student has won what prize!}. After they have claimed the prize, I glue them into the kid's communication book so they can share their success with their family.

As teachers, one of the most important things we can do is share our student's great accomplishments with their family {no major epiphany, I know, but something not to be forgotten - no matter how busy I feel}. When a student ends the day on "Amazing," the next day I will glue a little happy note into his/her book so parents are consistently involved and can easily reference their child's behaviour. These are the new cards I made with illustrations from Nikki at MelonHeadz Illustrating and Michelle at Cre8ive Hands. They have the cutest art!

Feel free to grab these PDFs (five pages) here: Clip Chart notes home

I hope you can use them!

- Amanda


  1. These are fantastic and just what I was needing!!!!

  2. The 5th page was empty! But I love the others!