Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wrapping It Up

This has felt like the longest.week.ever.
I've been sick, but I'm SUPER lucky because my class has been awesome.
Like, hands down, the most awesome ever for the last two or three weeks.
At times, even better than in September!
So that's been amazing.
Today was Lollipop Day in our Countdown to Summer, which was delicious.
And tomorrow is Thursday so I have extra reason to celebrate.
And as I've mentioned, we have a lot of students stop coming to school before the actual end of school.
Honestly, it's kind of great.

It definitely means we put a rush on assessment for the fourth quarter...
But we were able to finish our Birthday books this week and they all look great!
{Much cuter than the bland ditty pictured above...}
This unit has got to be my most favourite of all the things I've created.
The kids LOVED seeing "Social Studies" in our schedule because they knew we'd be learning about birthdays and working in the books.

Since tomorrow may be the last day I see some of my students, we're having our party/awards day!

This year, I asked my class to make awards for one another. 
Since we're Bucket Fillers, they also LOVED this project. 
It was super simple {except for the cutting - note to self for next year} and I'm really looking forward to their presentations tomorrow!

I also have all of my awards ready to go and am really Really looking forward to giving these out!
If you're looking for something simple to give out for your end of the year, I have a set for kindergarten through grade six, plus an editable version so you can add your own cute fonts for a personal message. 
- Amanda

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