Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Art Walk

Last year my super-husband, Jeff, organized a school-wide Art walk that was a big success. 
Basically every class made and displayed some artwork.
It was up to the teachers to come up with the project.
Everyone was so creative!
Parents took guided tours with our high school student-guides.
Everything looked so great up on the walls that they decided to do it again.
Here's some of the great work around the school this year!
Oil pastel with water colour - grade 2

Outline chalk flowers - grade 2
2D cities - grade 1
Tessellations - "School of fish" - grade 1
Van Gogh water colours - grade 2
Van Gogh pastels - grade 2
We also create a collaborative piece as a fundraiser for the school.
These get framed and are auctioned off to parents during our Spring Concert.
Kandinsky - grade 2
Self Portraits - SK
Balloons - grade 1
Cityscape - my favourite!
Hot air balloon - SK
I didn't get around to every hallway, so most of this is just from my primary end.
Pretty great stuff!

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