Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Pass," not "Scoot"

This week we are starting to learn about time. We got past all the "chunks of time" measurement stuff pretty quickly (they do lots of this in grade one here) and we are gearing up for telling time with clocks.
First, I thought a fun little diagnostic activity would help me understand more about my little time-tellers.

Everyone knows the game "Scoot" by now, yes? It's super fun - but a little too fun for my class this week. So instead, we played "Pass." I dug out these soccer time cards (just the clocks) to play the game - I just had to add a Y (Write the date.) and Z card (What time is lunch?).

1. Pass out a card to everyone.
2. Students write A-Z along the side of their page. (Or do this beforehand.)
3. Assign a person to each student to which they will pass the card - they ONLY pass to that person.
4. Say "pass" and have students pass the card in their hand to their passee.
5. With their new card, they write the time that the clock displays beside the proper letter.
6. Continue.

I learned so much about my kids this way: a couple know how to tell time to the hour and half hour perfectly; several know almost nothing about analog clocks, and some need instruction in telling time to the half hour. Now I know where to start and how to group my kids. Voila!

And now it's TIME for lunch :)

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