Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Black, White & NEON all over!

Just finished two awesome new classroom decoration kits!
I think creating these things is therapeutic for me.
Right now I have a circus theme in our class.
I like it.
Moving to grade three next year, though, I want something a little more bold.
Because grade three is so much more grown-up than grade two.
You know?
Behold, Black, White & Neon:

One pack is a cupcake theme, and one is a stars theme.
Everything you need to fulfill your neon needs!
And on sale :)
Here on TpT and here on TN.

Now, I must learn how to make a preview page of all the slides included in my packs.
But it must be fast.
Because like I said yesterday, I'm a little lazy about those types of things.

- Amanda