Friday, October 5, 2012

Taking some time to brag

I know, I haven't written a post in so long that I shouldn't be coming back to blogging just to brag. No worries, I'll post the spelling tic-tac-toe my students are using for homework at the end :)

First up, I heart Daily Five. We are just about to dive into learning about our last station, Read to Someone, so we can start the rotation routine in the few days before our Eid holiday. One reason I super-love D5: check out our Work on Writing stamina chart...
What?! 26 minutes on day 4?! You are seeing that correctly. I don't understand it, but I'm pleased as pie. More than anything, I'm super impressed - these are ESL students! They are able to use their individual word walls to help with spelling, but I love their inventive spelling more. **I do have an updated word wall file where I've tried to put in all the first 100 Fry's words that I will post another time.
Next, "MY HERo is Mis. Amanda because he hlps me and hlps to lrn." Awesome. Love love love this student - he is so sweet and so eager. Yes, we need some help with pronouns, but who can care about that right now?!

Next up, Jeff and I booked flights to Amsterdam for the end of this month and I'm pretty excited about this {even though I was called a travel snob because "we have to go" to Europe since Jeff's passport is expiring too soon to get a visa to visit other countries - haha!}. Anyway, moving on... if you also love the idea of Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe worksheets, feel free to use my combination by downloading below (or on my TpT). There are three pages of ideas.
Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!
- Amanda


  1. Love the homework freebie, Amanda. Thank you!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too :)) my Canadian friend.

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  2. I love working with ESL students !! Thanks for sharing! I just commented about you on my website as I am just starting out!
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