Thursday, October 11, 2012

Place value and a laugh

The other day, I had one of those hand-to-forehead moments that made me shake my head, sigh, and laugh. We have been focusing a lot on writing complete sentences. To help drill this in, we've been using a "cap" (where a capital letter will be) and a "ball" (where a full stop will be). At the bottom of our Language board, you can see it looks something like this:
I thought this was a great idea and that it was going really well! But then, the homework sent in Communication Books the other night read, "Write three sentences using your spelling words. Don't forget your cap and ball!" And wouldn't you know, the next morning I had about eight students bring in a soccer ball. Wearing a baseball hat. So we went over the "ball" and "cap" analogy again... I guess I hadn't taught it as well as I had thought!

In other news, my kids are totally understanding all of my Place Value lessons, which makes me feel like a better teacher haha. I made these calendar cards awhile back to help reinforce tens and ones and give Math a place in the real world. Feel free to download from TpT, TN, or by clicking below.
Happy weekend from Kuwait!
- Amanda


  1. Cap and ball....I love it! Thanks for sharing. By the way, you have just been boo-ed! Come by my blog to follow the fun directions!
    Happy Teaching,
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