Friday, October 26, 2012

Prezi Love

We are off to Amsterdam tonight for about a week. I'm so looking forward to leaving progress reports and anecdotal records behind! Before we go I wanted to share a Prezi that I made to introduce our Growth and Changes in Animals unit - it's all about animal habitats. Have you used Prezi before? Let me just say, it's amazing. Seriously. You should know that it's pretty much the most amazing online program. And free! I found it took me a bit to understand how to use it, but I'm pretty excited to use it for so many other topics and get more creative with the features.
Have a look by clicking the image:
I have a great integration project that I'll be putting into lesson plans soon - persuasive writing, Science, and media. Looking forward to the second quarter!
I'll be back with some photos of chilly Amsterdam.
- Amanda

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