Sunday, October 21, 2012

A few free things and more conflict resolution

Wow - busy week! Those two surprise days off last week have made for a lot of catch-up. We have talked an awful lot in grade two about how to be an effective problem solver...
We started talking about ways to deal with conflicts using the anchor chart. We did some simple writing and a mirror activity for this to help students internalize the steps. We are also helping the little minds understand what to do when by sorting "teacher-sized" and "kid-sized" problems {much like big problems vs. small problems}. We talked about various scenarios where students should Definitely tell the teacher {when someone is hurt or doing something that could get them hurt} and where kids can deal with it on their own {like pushing in the line up}. I got this idea from A Teacher on a Mission; just adapted it for my own room. My class sorted these problems in a T-Chart for a hallway bulletin board. {I realize this is not a fantastic display, but let's all try to focus on the content... I had to very suddenly fill a lesson!}

Now when a kid comes to "tattle" or talk about a small problem, I simply have to ask if it is a teacher-sized or a kid-sized problem. It's working and working so well! Click the picture to grab the T-chart materials I put together if you're interested:
We have moved on to Bucket Fillers and I love love love it. Some of my kids are still trying to wrap their heads around how caring can be shown in intangible ways, but they are doing a great job!

In Math we've been learning about Place Value. Every day we do a simple activity using this place value mat:

Looking to use this in your room? It's on my TpT so feel free to download!

I'll leave you with a cute little shot of Daily 5 Read With Someone {I changed it from "to" to "with" because I think it speaks more to buddy reading...}. It was costume day! Have I mentioned I love the Daily Five in my room? So love it.

Almost holiday time.... :)
- Amanda

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