Saturday, November 23, 2013

tuning into probability

This week in Math we talked about probability.
First up, what is it?
We created an ActivBoard web of all the student's prior knowledge and connections:
Inline image 2
I then used The Hat (seriously, it's so great) to create groups of 4, printed these simple activity cards on coloured paper, then put them around the room as stations:

(Click any picture to download!)
They stayed at each station for about 5-7 minutes, collecting and recording data on white boards as they went.
Before they switched, I asked them to think of a sentence they could say aloud as a sort of "prediction" (tying into our latest Unit of Inquiry) about the next round of results.
Things like, "I predict that ____," "It is certain/likely/unlikely/impossible that_____", "The most probable thing that could happen would be _____", "Based on the results, I think that _____"
They had a ton of fun!
Afterward, they had a 15-20 minute free-write about their understandings of probability.
It was super engaging and a great way to find out their thoughts.

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