Saturday, November 9, 2013

student-created rubric

To end our first Unit of Inquiry all about Physical Wellbeing, students created an interview to find out all about how healthy a friend or family member is.
First, small groups verbally brainstormed some questions to match each of the six areas of health.
I put chart paper around the room titled with each type of health and they rotated to each piece, reading questions others had written and adding their own.
Some examples they came up with:
How often do you exercise? (Physical)
What types of food do you eat? (Physical)
Do you go to church? (Spiritual)
Do you meditate? (Spiritual)

Do you recycle? (Environmental)
Do you use both sides of a piece of paper? (Environmental)

They chose a "least amount" of questions based on the group brainstorm and conducted their interviews.
The final task was to analyze the information received and create an action plan for that person: in what ways can he/she make more positive choices to lead a healthier lifestyle?

In one of our inclusion classes, the ESL teacher and I had the students take a look at this regular old rubric:

and put it into more kid-friendly language to create this rubric:
They used cards with each component glued to the top and highlighted the keywords.
Then, they wrote what it actually means in their own words on a line on the bottom. 
In the middle, a space to illustrate:

It was the perfect, bulletin-board sized reference piece for student success!

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