Friday, November 15, 2013

into this... birdy

When Jeff and I were on our honeymoon in Peru a couple summers ago, our hotel in Lima was playing this amazing cover of Bon Iver:
One of my favourite. songs. ever.
... which majorly piqued my interest.
(I even asked the concierge what was playing... which led to a few extra people coming out from the back room, some shuffling about, and then an eventual CD stop and check. Sweet success.)
This one, followed up with covers of The National, The XX, and Fleet Foxes?  

Needless to say, I fell in love.
Does she not have the most beautiful voice?
Her first album, self-titled, is one I listen to now on pretty much every airplane.
It's a set of covers that makes me feel happily at peace every time.

With her latest release, Fire Within, it's all love again!


  1. Hi- just found your blog through TpT! Happy to find a fellow inquiry-teaching-blogger! I'm at AIS Dhaka teaching 1st. I'll be following to read up on your inquiry posts, and travels!

  2. Awesome! I will definitely be checking out your blog - I'm new to inquiry so it's great to get new ideas.