Friday, March 20, 2015

what have you learned most recently as a...

This is a question I posed to my class a few days ago.
It sits among evidence of our inquiry learning about Connections to the Natural World, with emphasis on energy sources and human impact on the earth.
The kids had some really interesting responses, ranging from reflections on themselves as researchers to specific content they've learned to generalizations about research itself.
For example:
I learned that the internet can be really frustrating.
There's lots of ways to research.
I learned that solar energy uses turbines, too, not just hydro.
Print resources are sometimes easier to find information in.

The great thing is that this can be adapted in so many ways!
What have you learned most recently ...
as a mathematician?
as a friend?
as a writer?
as a scientist?
at home?
from someone else?

Using this question frame, we've started examining our reading habits and interests, reflecting on what we've learned most recently as readers.
I'll post more on that soon, as there have been some really rich conversations in our room lately.

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