Monday, March 30, 2015


This is where our baby's at: everything doesn't belong in its place. This includes diapers, clean laundry, dirty laundry, pantry items, and more. Fun fun. She also does a good job of rolling her stroller in circles, digging up the plants, toothy-smiling, playing with the recyclables, interrupting REM sleep cycles, and other general busyness. She'll be one year in one month!!!

We're moving in May and while the unit is furnished, we got a couple new pieces to make the space our own. Who knew that Muji has the best furniture? Jeff got this "Body Fit Cushion Set" (adult bean bag chair) and I got this gem. It reclines. It has a positionable pillow. We are comfy people. We may never sit on a couch together again.

Have I mentioned these cupcakes? They're really good. But they don't stick together very well. After the second day we were basically eating them with a spoon. Which isn't really a problem, let's be honest, but I would like to figure out what to add to give them a little more stick. And no icing because I'm still trying to be off sugar. Which has somehow caused super heightened sugar cravings, six months in, and I'm most definitely struggling to deal with that.

If only we had a waffle iron.

I don't think I've ever had reason before to buy cream of tartar. This little beauty is finally that reason. (What do people actually use cream of tartar for? Aside from tea-based cakes?)

I've had a mean hunger for brownies these days. Maybe these?

Our Pinkberry has a new flavour right now: blood orange. It's delicious, but it was even more delicious when I remembered we have a tub of this in the freezer so I could make a creamsicle treat.

My reads-everything-top-speed husband might somewhat disagree with this next idea, but I'm devouring this book. Seriously. Since the weekend I have basically read as far as I have in the five months it's taking me to read I Am Malala.

We're OFF TO BALI next week!

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