Friday, March 13, 2015

welcoming a student teacher

On Monday we have a student teacher joining our class for six weeks. The kids are pretty excited to have a second teacher (not too sure how to feel about that!) and were busily preparing some important things today to help her settle in!

Earlier in the week I asked what they think a new teacher to ISM might need. They had so many responses:

Each student signed up for a creation task.
And then they...
created a large map of the most important places she'll need to find while she's here
set up a tour to take her around
decided on some getting-to-know-you activities for Monday morning
tidied up a large desk area in the room for her, complete with a desk plate and pencil holder!
collected email addresses/phone numbers of teachers so she can get in touch with people while she's here
wrote a welcome note
made a large poster
made a brochure of all the places she should go while she's in the Philippines
wrote a list to fill her in on the learning we're knee deep in right now
created a special calendar and daily schedule so she can stay organized
collaborated to complete it all.

Looking forward to this teaching and learning journey!

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