Friday, July 4, 2014


Since we're not travelling this summer (still working on that baby passport) we're curing the wanderlust with Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown. My parents were able to come visit, though, so that's been great!

Also fixating on these amazing travel photos. Jeff thinks I have a crush on his girlfriend... Can you blame me? I mean, holy moly.

This video is for Beyonce lovers and for people who wish they could dance, but can't, like me.

Jeff has had this song on over and over and it is incredibly catchy. All the songs... just so great to dance around to with Mara!

Dancing, that is, to work off Green & Black's amazing organic chocolate.

We got an air plant (like this) last week and I think I'm already killing it. The flowers are definitely not pink anymore.

We also bought a calamansi tree for friends as a housewarming gift, and it, too, seems to be dying. Leaves all over the floor. Eeesh.


  1. I loved that video of the men dancing to Beyonce! I saw it awhile ago and wished I had moves like that! Where did you buy a Calamansi tree? Can they survive in apartments?!?

    1. Any moves would do for me!
      Calamansi indoors - no. But it's in a godawfully heavy clay pot so we don't want to move it to the balcony. It should be relocating to its new outdoor backyard home on Tuesday. We got it on the Manila Buy/Sell group.