Sunday, July 6, 2014

a few words on living abroad

It's sometimes difficult living overseas.
We miss a lot of things at home; milestones, etc.
Like weddings - we've missed several.
Birthdays, births, holidays... 
Even impromptu family gatherings around the dinner table.

And of course people at home miss a lot of our milestones.
Like the birth of our first child.

It's also sometimes amazing living overseas.
I am so grateful for the opportunities we've been given.
I've learned so much, traveled so many places, met so many interesting, unique, gracious, and giving people.
Living in another country is an experience not many will take, and we've grown from this.
A lot.

Now that we've started a family, the pressure will be on to return to Canada perhaps more often than we'd prefer.
The long haul flights, jet lag, packing and unpacking, living out of backpacks for weeks on end...
These things are less than desirable. 
As they say, though, home is where the heart is.
Time with family and friends is increasingly important to us, so we shouldn't be too bothered by this as time moves on.
It's all worth it.

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