Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some "Smart Art" holiday projects

This cute penguin pattern came from Amy Lemons. 
I made a simple glyph for the students to personalize the penguins.
I whipped up a simple measurement page and then students measured them in centimeters and converted that measurement to millimeters. This worked perfectly with our current Math unit!

Next up:
This snowman idea comes from here.
We created them after reading this cute story.
We Give Books
Actually, we read it on our SmartBoard - thanks to We Give Books, which is a really great resource.
Apparently I live in a desert community where students don't see much snow...haha!
After cutting and gluing they drew some snowflakes, then they drew some more, and then they added the two amounts together to create a snowy word problem. Ta-da!
Tomorrow {our last day!} we have my Oh Christmas Tree! craftivity on deck.

Happy crafting!
- Amanda

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