Friday, May 4, 2012

Don't mind if I do...!

This is a bit of a great news weekend! First, one of my favourite clip artists, Miss Tiina, is having her birthday celebration throughout the month of May. She has two great options, but I chose to....
Source: Miss Tiina

This is such a great offer and I am all kinds of excited about getting my coupon in my email today! Her work is just oh-so-cute.

Second, one great blogger, A Modern Teacher, is hosting a K-2 Teacher Appreciation Jackpot where a ton of other great bloggers are giving away products from their TpT shops for free on Sunday!
And since my Sunday plans are now set, I figured I should finish up the latest activity...

It's a simple little center to help my class with quotation marks. We wrote short stories last week for our Young Author's afternoon and I noticed that many have forgotten how and why to use these. {I'm thinking, though, that we may not get to this center - behaviours are definitely high with the end of the year looming and I'm not sure I want to inflict the stress upon myself haha.} I do hope to give it a shot this week after I get my hot glue gun back - I will be gluing the speech marks onto popsicle sticks. I'll have my students record the sentences including the proper speech marks in their journals. Click the pics if you're interested.

Happy weekend!

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