Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A success and an "urgh"

First up, let me get to the success. I am super proud of my students today. Yes, it's the end of the year but I have to say I've had more difficult times with my class so I'm not really complaining about behaviour. I started introducing my class to multiplication word problems as bell work that we worked through together in January. And then February got crazy busy with our International Week, etc., and we put it aside. I switched to editing paragraphs I'd typed out after that, then moved to the printing books, then another thing, and as you can see, multiplication got left behind. 

Until this week, that is! I put a word problem up and the first day, they struggled with remembering the concept. The second day, a few more light bulbs. The third day, a LOT more light bulbs. Today, the fourth day, even my lowest students were successfully able to write their very own multiplication story! For ESL kids, I am very impressed. I got the template from another blogger {I cannot for the life of me find who, even though she very cleverly put her copyright in the document} and just changed the title. Since our Ontario curriculum really only calls for us to introduce it, I couldn't be happier that they {mostly} understand the basics.
"Hessa has six toys. She shares with Aaliya. How many toys will each person get? Each person get three. 3x2=6"

Majed has tewelve toys he shares with Khaled and Talal. How many Toys will each Person get? 3x4=backward 12 {!}"

"Sheikha has 6 cherries. She shares with loulwah. How many berries will each person get? 2x3=6"

Well done, grade two!

And now, the sad. I really truly definitely loved my stars background from Shabby Blogs. I loved the colours, I loved the style, and I loved the simplicity. This is the second time, though, that they have had a malware threat of some type that has directly affected my blog since I use their code. I am so sad. But, I did find a cute {and free!} template at June Lily. I like but, it's just not...the know?

- Amanda

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