Sunday, April 29, 2012

A weird and wonderful weekend

It seems like Jeff and I sit around most weekends watching episodes of The League or Modern Family, finishing up school work and asking each other, "Well, what do you want to do?" We shop a lot and we eat out a fair bit. {Retail therapy is only great for so long before it becomes a problem, right? haha} But this weekend, we went out and did some things, which was really great.

First, I need to get the "weird" over with. We started out by going to Friday Market {Souq al-Jum'a} because we want to get some antique gifts for people {and we want to get them dirt cheap!}. It's really a great place - perfect people-watching, random things to see, and lots of second-hand merchandise. This time we decided to check out the "pet souq" part of it, and really, now that I've typed what literally translates to "pet market," we should have seen it coming: It is the most awful place to be. 
Yes, it looks like this should be cute! That is until you realize these dyed chicks will likely die of toxicity within a week. All of the teeny tiny cages for cats, bunnies and pups definitely tugged on the heart strings, and it makes one wonder why on earth this place exists at all... Supply and demand, I suppose.

Sorry about the image... But shake it off, because I'm moving on to happiness! Before we moved to Kuwait, Jeff and I organized most of what will be happening on our wedding day this coming July. Everything from venue to menu and right down to my actual wedding dress! I, the indecisive lady I am, just bought a brand new wedding dress on Friday that I am SO excited about! The first one was short, strapless and only a little lacy....since I'm a "grandma" kind of girl, the new one is long, has a full lace overlay and straps. I am loving this change and am just plain excited to marry my dear! {Not to worry, both were incredibly affordable.} Now to find some lovely shoes to wear with it :)

On Saturday, Jeff treated me to a spa package - jacuzzi tub, massage and a foot softening at the Movenpick - because it's my birthday this week. So getting to "almost 30" is pretty damn great, if I do say so myself.

Here's hoping all of you had a fantastic weekend, too. Now back to the grind - with such a short time to go!
Good night.
- Amanda

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  1. Your dress sounds beautiful!! Have a happy birthday!