Monday, April 16, 2012

Marshmallow Mania

Today we started a new Social Studies unit about equality and children's rights. Our introductory lesson involved a game focusing on fairness and communication that my students LOVED! Their participation and motivation actually blew me away. Here's how it worked:

First we talked about various ways to communicate. This was fun because I was able to exaggerate all of the little {nonverbal} ways my class and I communicate - thumbs up, nods, W sign for "washroom," shhh-fingers, etc. and they were in stitches. Then I gave each student a small cup with four fruity-coloured marshmallows. Their goal was to trade colours with one another until they had four marshmallows of just one colour. And then they could eat them... The key? NO TALKING ALLOWED! They did a fantastic job and were even able to ask me questions without talking {and I had to try so hard! to answer without talking}. 

If your're looking for a super quick and motivational game, give it a shot. My twos were begging to play again! Easy peasy. 

I hope to be back tomorrow to answer some tag questions!


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