Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Are penguins not the funniest little birds? I love them. They have a hilarious little waddle and they are super easy to draw {ha!}. I thought I'd get a little crafty for the intro to the mini-unit, so I made KWL penguins.

The best part? As soon as I showed the class, one kid {the most smug, self-confident kid in my room - sigh} put up his hand {amazingly!} and said, "Miss, that one is McQueen, that is The Chick, and that...The King." Awesome. {I didn't realize at that moment he was naming the penguins after Cars.} I said, "What a great idea, grade two! Don't you think?" And so, we decided that we would vote on three names for the penguins based on the letters on their tummies. After a quick vote we were introduced to "The King," "Wilver" and "Lily." For ESL students, I think that is pretty great. Plus, any time I can make it more memorable for the students, I say go.

Here is the Can/Have/Are chart I made for when we delve into the more "research-based" part of the unit. I found a corresponding worksheet to have the students complete after the discussion, but it's on the old computer aaaaand I'm feeling a bit lazy. I can't even remember from whose wonderful blog I snagged it anyway.

Last week we studied long "i" words for our weekly spelling dictation. I found a great printable from The Lesson Plan Diva that I decided to use in a snap since I couldn't print the colourful word sorting cards {out of ink - dang} AND because the school laminater is broken anyway {sad face}. I figured since all of my kids have i-Pads etc. this would be a good little motivator. In hindsight, I'm not sure it was - after all, it's JUST a phone. So boring and everyday. {Roll my eyes.} But, this center group did a great job and I decided to put their work on a bright page to post in the class.

Good night!

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