Monday, January 30, 2012


Is there anything better than adorable, personalized, teacher-friendly clip art? No? Didn't think so. {Alright, maaaaaybe a big bowl of Baskin Robbins Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream. Or a homemade pretzel. Or a big ol' glass of iced tea on the hottest day.... but those don't really count.} Seriously, there is one super talented, super sweet artist out there, and she puts all of her hand drawn wonders into digital format and then puts them into our big huge cyber world to share {and sell}. How wonderful! Take a look at all Nikki has to offer at  Melonheadz Illustrating and you won't regret it. She even takes requests! Can you believe it?! At the moment she has about a week or two wait list because she's soooo busy {Obviously! Her work is so cute AND that is one heckuva great offer}. I've asked if she will make a few things for the Reader Response forms I am in the process of making, and I am confident she will not disappoint. I am pretty excited about that!

Because I couldn't resist making something using her great graphics, here is a little measurement printable I made {Click the link to download}. I felt seriously inspired the first time I found Nikki's site - every visit back gets the creative juices flowin'!

Next post - a rice pudding recipe! It's SUCH a good recipe that I'll even be sneaking it into the curriculum.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. She's pretty excited. They look great.

  2. Ohhh I love this :) So you can use her pictures and then adapt them on your own page and use them how you feel fit ? This is awesome im going to look into this ! Awesome Amanda :)