Saturday, June 14, 2014

diy all-natural glorious beard oil

I finally came up with a pretty good gift idea for Father's Day!
(Buying for my husband is not an easy task.)
He's a big board game guy.
Me, not soooo much. I've learned I have a bit of a competitive nature.
(Otherwise known as being a sore loser.)
So I sneakily ordered this game for him, as we've played it before and the individual player aspect being right up my alley, it's one I really like.
I had it all set up: created my own account (I usually just use his), had it delivered to my mom's house in Canada, organized it with her to have it added to the suitcase full of things she's bringing just for me when they come to visit this week, and felt pretty darn good about myself.
And then you know what happened?
The man read my emails, saw the shipment notification, and effectively ruined my crafty surprise.
So yeah.
Now all I have left is an expression of my love.

Jeff, I love your beard.
One of our friends recently went so far as to call it glorious.
Look at the glory!

Here's the beard oil he makes to keep it so:

1 part jojoba oil (this is the key as it's a dry oil)
1 part coconut oil
a few drops of vitamin e oil
5-10 drops tea tree oil (this may be more or less depending on the size of your container. I'd say his is about 100 mL)

Happy Father's Day and happy beard-growing  to all the daddies!

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