Sunday, June 1, 2014

a baby shower

On Friday, Mara and I ventured out to the school for meet-and-greets with my grade 3s and Jeff's grade 6s. I was a little worried, and totally prepared to be pretty mean if anyone tried to touch her. A few days ago in the elevator, while exchanging pleasantries with a perfect stranger, the lady reached into the stroller and touched my baby. I freaked out inside. Maybe I shouldn't be so worried, but... she's a preemie, and because, germs.  My class and some class mom's organized a baby shower, but the kids were prepped ahead of time that there should be no baby-touching. And the party was the sweetest thing!

The kids LOVED meeting Mara. They were all really cute, clasping their hands behind their backs and leaning over her car seat in a big huddle of awe. It was actually a really special time with my class and parents, and I think I took it for granted while I was there. My heart was all warm and fuzzy when we got home! Plus, we got to take home the extra cookies.

The cookies.
How adorable are those cookies that a parent ordered for the celebration?! Not only are they adorable, they're delicious, and I'm fairly certain made in the kitchen of a lovely lady who uses the proceeds for charitable donations here in the Philippines.

And here's Mara sleeping beautifully in the middle of the afternoon today all dressed up in one of her adorable gifts (straight from India!):

She's probably sleeping so soundly because she's exhausted from being annoying and waking up every 45 minutes after nursing (for 30 minutes plus) to nurse again between the hours of 9pm and 2am. It's been rather sleep-depriving, this trick of hers. Happily, we met some friends for lunch today and they said she looks bigger than when they saw her last, which I think was last weekend. So I suppose it's worth it.

Also I can get really cute sleepy baby shots.

But I value my sleep more. I know this because I've noticed myself being in the habit of looking over at Jeff bitterly as he sleeps on, and then looking down at my baby as she suckles on in a strange state of doingthingslikeeatingwhilesleepingisnormal and ending the wave of grumpy mama by rolling my eyes and sighing. Then I get my phone and play solitaire. I know breastfeeding is supposed to be this wonderful and nourishing time between mother and child, but sleep.

Now I will spend some time holding our beautiful girl and being so thankful that she is healthy and strong. Counting my blessings.

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