Saturday, April 26, 2014


This is old news, but did anyone else not love American Hustle? Jeff and I were bored - at one point we were both on our computers while it played in the background.

I have been seriously craving warm, creamy coffee in this third trimester. Coffee. Not a nice glass of wine or a cool and refreshing beer, coffee. And I didn't even drink coffee before the pregnancy! I've mostly been keeping it under wraps with caffeine-free chai with some coconut milk.

Speaking of warm up there, it is so ridiculously hot here right now. Yes, hot like when we lived in the desert, but I'm not regulating my body temperature well at the moment. Air conditioner wars every day... I win.

After this awesome version of Happy, a colleague and I started our own end of year project with our whole grade level. I get to be all techy and put the video clips together so that should be a fun treat for the kids as we send them off for the summer! Let's hope I'm savvier than I think I am.

This is a sexy cover. Beyonce is sexy enough as it is, yes, and I mean, Jay-Z, but this one is just such a good change of pace.

We have a crib! And it didn't cost us an arm and a leg (as most baby things here)! And my hunky husband already set it up!

This video, aptly re-titled, Have You Ever Wanted to Punch a Child?, was two minutes of serious eye-brow raising. Please, baby girl, no.

And Babies Make the Worst Roommates. Things to look forward to!

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