Friday, April 18, 2014


This week I made more of this. Love me some matcha.

Still slogging through this Harvard course. It's okay. I think I'd rather just read the book (I've read most of it anyway) and incorporate what I want into my class - but then I couldn't say I've been edumacated by Harvard.

Awhile ago I started the lemon-water in the morning thing and I thought I'd love it more.

I also started the natural hair care thing - I'm liking it and the transition hasn't been toooo terrible for me.

Seriously, this show. Only three episodes left - we breezed through it - and I'm so sad.

We have a baby name :). One morning I woke up with the decision made - Jeff's choice from the beginning of our (my) indecision.

And speaking of baby...
Thinking about starting this project to cut back on delivery and take-out this summer.

I'm reading this baby book and finding it very interesting. Not that we're going to be super-parents (or remember what's in the book when this stuff actually comes up), but it feels good to feel like I'm getting ready. Because who am I kidding? I know nothing about babies.

I think I've had this bit of chocolatey-goodness open in a tab for about two months. Looks delicious, pretty "healthy"....I get stuck in my old ways.

Also, found her cookbook on sale and thinking of shelling out.

And finally, a granola recipe that worked out really well for me! We have a very finicky oven, so it's taken me awhile to get used to it. Yes, I think I'm getting you now, oven.

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