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Saturday, August 3, 2013

welcome to manila

We made it!
We've been here about a week... an exciting, overwhelming, wee bit stressful week.
But so far so good!
Here are a few first impressions:

is awesome.
Our facilities are amazing.
I can't even begin to describe just how large and comprehensive is the list of facilities available.
Faculty and staff have been super helpful and welcoming.
Lots of new things to learn, including the curriculum, so there will be a rather long adjustment period, but I'm excited to get some time in my room (only 4 days!) to prepare for the kids.
new home...

We have a really great apartment.
Honestly, our entire apartment in Kuwait would fit inside the living space and kitchen area here.
We have three washrooms (!) and two bedrooms with an amazing view.
Even on the 36th floor, though, we can still somehow hear roosters crowing!

There's no other way to say it.
And it's completely unpredictable... so it's something to get used to.
It literally took us an hour and ten minutes to drive two kilometers in a taxi the other night!
The next night it took us a half hour to actually get a taxi...
After reading this article by one of my favourite travel writers, I thought I'd know exactly how to handle it when the driver says, "You pay fifty pesos on top of meter because traffic."
But I backed down because I was too tired and just so happy to finally be in a taxi!

It happens a lot.
(Happily, a little less than I had expected, though!)

That's all for now.
We'll be out shopping for the afternoon trying to build up our apartment.
Jeff's thrilled with the mall culture here....


  1. Your pictures are stunning! I love the city view picture-- gorgeous! Good luck getting settled in!

    EduKate and Inspire

    1. Thanks, Kate. It's been a whirlwind... but I do feel pretty comfortable here already!

  2. Mabuhay! I hope you will love and enjoy your stay in our "more fun" country. I'm also a TPT seller originally from Houston but now back in the Philippines indefinitely.

    1. I love that "more fun" tagline! Excited to explore more of it for sure. Where are you teaching?

  3. I'm teaching in a school in a small town probably 4 hours away from Metro Manila (Philippine travel time). How about you? Where are you teaching? How's your store? Ready for the BTS sale?

    1. haha - Definitely have to adjust for traffic. We're teaching right in Manila actually, at the International School. It's pretty wild! Kind of makes me want to go through my early schooling years again...there's just so much great stuff available for our kids. The store's doing okay! Haven't uploaded much in awhile, but I usually only put up stuff I use in class (and since school just started...) Have you gotten any crazy weather lately? It's been raining all day today and once last week, but it's been nice here otherwise.

    2. Yeah, the weather is just that crazy but I grew up with it. There are days in a year when there will be no schools (and work of course). Keep safe.