Monday, August 12, 2013

m&m's mix & mingle {a getting to know you activity}

Today was the first day of school! 
It was super busy, but seemed to fly by.
We weren't able to get through half the things I had planned...
We were too busy getting to know one another!
One way we did this was through eating m&m's.
It was awesome.
And the class Loved it.
{Maybe just because they got to eat chocolate!}
Here's how it goes:

M&M's Mix & Mingle
Assign each candy colour a meaning (i.e. red = favourite book and movie) and go over these with the class.
Hand out a small bag of m&m's to each student (and yourself, of course!).
{Now they're very excited!}
Students will mix and mingle around the room, finding someone to talk with.
When they find a partner, they take out a candy, and tell the person their answer for that colour.
Then they gobble it up and wait for the partner to share something.
Repeat until all candies are gone!

I loved this because it didn't even matter if a kid had already talked with someone....they could just choose a new colour and share a new piece of information.
This is one I will definitely use again next year!

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