Monday, January 7, 2013

Mapping Skills

First week back and running! Considering the 30-hour journey back from Canada I'd say jet lag has been nice to me this time around AND my class is amazing as always :) We've picked up right where we left off: measurement in Math - capacity; animal groups in Science - amphibians and reptiles; nouns/camouflage integration/sentence structure/word choice/main idea/editing {among others as usual!} in Language; and mapping in Social Studies. Speaking of Social Studies...

{How was that for a smooth segue?!}

I have a new product in my store and, like most, it's classroom tested! To introduce some of those tough mapping terms, I made an interactive reader with a matching student booklet so students were able to follow along and fill in the blanks with important words. This worked well with my ESL kids and serves as a great study guide. I've included possible assessment pieces and other activities to use with a mapping unit. There's an American, Canadian, and a non-specific "worl"d version and they've been great sellers so far! Here are some sample pages if you're interested:

You can find out more about each one by clicking below:

I hope you're having a great first week back!
- Amanda

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