Saturday, January 12, 2013

All Kinds of Nouns

I have a class of keeners. {Mostly... This one still gives me trouble but we're - I'm? - really working on it.} On Thursdays I have conversations like this:
Young'un: "I'm so sad, Miss. I can tell you why?" 
Me: "Yes, please! Why are you sad?" 
Young'un: "Because it is a weekend now."

How sweet, right? Love it. Even better are my Sundays, when I have conversations like this:
Young'un: "I'm so happy, Miss! I can tell you why?"
Me: "Yes, please! Why are you happy?"
Young'un: "Because now it is school! I missed the school so-so-so-so much!"

And I'm not exaggerating. Maybe it's because I had one of those classes last year, or maybe because I've changed a lot of my teaching style this year, or maybe it's all the Whole Brain fun we're having - whatever it is, it's working! This year I feel more calm, more organized and I'm getting much better results academically with my students. Hamdullah!

This week we did some review on nouns. When I raised a blank flippy book to show the class the activity for it, I basically had to fight down the cheers - they were SO excited! In the end, they look like this: 
Why exactly that is exciting I'll never know, but I'm glad it's a lesson that works! One to keep in the plans.

The next day, we talked more about proper nouns. We started by looking at these "caps" on the Language board and discussing types of words that are proper nouns {with lots of example-giving}. 
Caps for capital letters - ha! Not an original idea but I do love a good pun. After giving each student 4 colour-coded Post-Its, they wrote their own examples and we posted them for display.
I know, I know, no blue Post-Its. It's a problem for me, too. The most annoying thing about those pink ones is that I KNOW I have blue notes somewhere in my room. Could I find them for this lesson? Not for the life of me. Was that super frustrating for me? You bet. I have a little classroom Type A in me at times... I'm learning to let go :) If you're interested in making the hats {which we also used for sentence writing - a cap for the capital letter and a ball for the period/full stop}, you can find the file here on TpT and here on TN. Or simply click the pictures to find it in Google Docs.

And now to continue my report-comment-writing, best-cookie-ever-baking, American-Horror-Story-watching, anchor-chart-making weekend! {My co-workers will be pleased I have added in two, yes TWO!, activities that involve relaxing and not thinking of my class.}
Happy weekend to you!
- Amanda

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