Thursday, November 22, 2012

Yesterday was Picture Day. Which isn't so much "Picture Day" for me, but more "Fuzzy Hair Day." 

We've moved on to double digit subtraction with regrouping in grade two. Most-difficult-concept-to-teach. Ever. Seriously, it has to be right up there with things like listening, being kind to one another, and why it's important to finish all of your work. {Or was that just in my class this week?!}
I made these subtraction mats to help students visualize the regrouping.

They were to show each question using tens and ones and regroup where necessary, showing the steps in the question by crossing off the numbers where regrouping happened. 

No, it didn't work for everyone, even after we practiced together on the SmartBoard with this file...

...but, it did help some! Feel free to grab copies of both (click the pictures) if you have some kinesthetic learners that might benefit.

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Happy weekend!
- Amanda

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  1. love the idea of sticks and beans! Will need to remember that when my class starts double-digits! (which is soon)

    Please stop by my blog - I've nominated you for an award! :)

    Adventures In Second Grade