Wednesday, November 14, 2012


They're over - long day! I really do like meeting with parents about progress in the first quarter, though. And I've learned to tell it like it is in the short ten minutes we have: "_______ can't focus long enough to complete any class work." Boom. Point blank. 
I compiled my thoughts over the whole first quarter for each student {strengths, weaknesses, behaviour}into this little form to keep me organized. It was sort of like my anecdotal records!
I also used this little "happy notes" form to send home with each parent. I got this idea from Cindy at Granny Goes to School and I think it was really appreciated it! I teach a lot of ESL, and seeing that "Progressing with Difficulty" in English Language Arts can't be a good feeling, so I really try hard to keep it positive.
Now time for a looooong weekend! Hope all of your conferences went well. 
- Amanda


  1. Ours are next week. I have GOT to get started with those reports! I might try using your top form ... it looks handy. Take care!
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  2. Thanks so much for linking up with such a great freebie at TBA! Happy Thanksgiving!
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