Friday, September 27, 2013

kids are funny

Just thought I'd share some things that made me laugh out loud today:
Found this notepad in the bottom of the cupboard today. "Dear ms phillips, I am really sorry that I took this . Next time I will ask you before I take it. David {sad face}"  
Awesome. Didn't even know it was missing!


These addition regrouping problems are apparently a little terrifying for some.

We did a CSI about grade 3 in our learning journals: If you had to choose a colour, symbol, and image to represent grade three, what would they be? This "green" from one of my ESL cuties. "I choose this because color green makes my mind fresh. Sometimes, when I think about green, I feel trees are eating trash in my haed." 
How beautiful?

If only this were the case.... 
When asked to explain in words how he came to the correct answer when solving a Math problem: "I don't think I am rong beacuse MR.S PHILLIPS teach me so how it can be rong."


  1. Kumusta po? I really like all your posts. How are you, Ms Phillips? By the way, I wanna ask you how to link my blog from my store page (in personal quote). Thank you. Sir Arthur Dee

  2. Mabuti! Thanks so much for reading. Things are settling down just fine here - Manila is a great place for us. How are you? You can find a really simple tutorial here for your link:
    Take care!

  3. Salamat po! It works. It's nice to know you're having a good time here in our "more fun" country.