Thursday, June 6, 2013

3 Day Weekend!

You know what's awesome?
A long weekend right before the last week of school!

Even though there are a total of 21 kids currently attending...
21 kids in grades 2-6 altogether...
So we've pooled the kids in one room and we all rotate through fun lessons.

Today is the perfect day to get a few things started for next year, and to get started on cards for my kids.
They're pretty simple, but I've written a personalized message inside each one.
I think the kids will love reading them.
I'll just add them in with their report cards and then we'll be outta here!
If you'd like a copy, I uploaded them to Google Docs, so feel free...

Since it's the crazy-hot summertime here in Kuwait, I've been keeping cool with these two yummy treats:
Starbucks Iced Green Tea at home
It's super easy to make and just as delicious as the real thing

Yep, ice cream for breakfast :)

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