Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Poetry for Earth Day idea

A big, big thanks to the ladies that commented for the Birthdays Around the World Pack! I was so happy to send this to all three of you and I hope you enjoy!

Last week I downloaded a great little freebie from TpT:

It includes a sweet little poem about our Earth and all the simple beauty it has to offer.
BUT, I did not simply copy the poem and have my kids illustrate the sentences.
That's because we have been working on writing Genius Sentences lately.
So naturally, we used our knowledge and our creativity to expand on the ideas in the poem.
Their job was to take the idea and change it.
Make it fantastically descriptive.
Make it wonderfully thoughtful.
Make it the most amazing poem I've ever read!

They turned out pretty cute.
Just an idea for you.
Happy hump day from Kuwait!
{Is it June yet?}
- Amanda

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