Saturday, December 10, 2011

Arabian bread, frogs and a new camera!

Every time Jeff and I walked past the teeny tiny Arabian bread shop that is in our neighbourhood, one of us would say, "Oh, that would be soooo good." There was always a long line and a man working so fast it made me dizzy. Finally, one day there was no line, and the man did not look so busy, so we stopped. It was the most inexpensive, most delicious thing I've had in Kuwait so far. And how simple! The next time we went, we waited in a long line up for about fifteen minutes until the helpful men ahead showed us the right line - the short one for people who are only ordering a few pieces of bread and not a pile for their many family members! I know this is something I will miss when we leave Kuwait. Much like pa-jeon in Korea, dhal in India, and banana chips in Belize, I will leave this country with a distinct love for Arabian bread and know I will be sad to buy packaged pita bread at the grocery store in Canada.

My dear Jeff is too good to me. Not so good to my "healthy weight," but nonetheless. As it is Christmas, he decided he needed to make the holiday favourite "Frogs." (I know these are called something else in my family, but I really can't remember frogs it is.) You know, the simple treat that's made of peanuts, chow mein noodles and chocolate? I don't know if it's the salted peanuts or the particular brand of chocolate we bought, but these frogs are SO SO good. I crave them during the school day (our school has a strict "no junk food" policy so I try to be a good role model!).

The most exciting news: We bought a fancy new camera! We went on a bit of a spending spree, but it's only because we decided that our Christmas gift to one another this year will be the camera. It is sort of a "beginner" model, which is perfect because for right now, all we really want is to take photos that look good with very little effort. We can learn more about the features later. With all of the travelling we do, it seems a good investment! I took a few shots of the interesting collection of things in my bedside table, and Jeff took a cool city scene shot.

To keep it educational, here is a set of 1-20 Numbers Puzzles I made to laminate (after cutting) for a Math centre next week. They are out of order, but I was getting annoyed. I am going to start using all of the skills the students have already learned so far this year as centre activities to reinforce what they have learned, and so that they go to grade three with a better understanding (especially considering a few of the low assessment scores I have so far). God willing, as they say!

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