Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Guys, The Lego Movie is pretty awesome. Great message and a great way to show Lego's evolution!

It's weird having nothing to do while on maternity leave. Nurse, change diaper, nap, repeat. Need some hobbies. (Really, need to start writing end of year reports.)

Oh, and whoever said to never wake a sleeping baby hasn't met Mara's pediatrician. I have to wake our baby every two hours to feed her - it's a chore. So I guess I don't have nothing to do while on maternity leave.

Looking so forward to my parents flying here in June to meet our little bundle of amazing!

Cranberry Almond Granola Bites should be in my life. It worries me that I'd probably eat the whole batch in a day, though. It's how licorice goes down in this house.

Here's something I've been enjoying on toast for breakfasts lately. If you're a fan of tahini and honey (and cinnamon like me), it's pretty great. I cheat and add a little more honey than called for.

I recently emailed this photo to my husband at work:
To which he replied, "F***ing beautiful" but without so many asterisks. Our child is at major risk of developing potty mouth. I could only respond with "It's insane." Because it's truly insane just how beautiful this little girl is to us.

Many things baby today! (Forever now on?)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

in a nutshell + welcome baby!

My pregnancy in a nutshell...

First trimester Nausea: It was not great.
Second trimester: Exercise + so much dairy.
Third trimester: Dropping everything + "Give me all the chocolate and ice cream" + shorter than scheduled.

And now, I'm thrilled to introduce this little lady, Mara (like Sarah):
It's amazing how quickly one can fall in love.

And even though we were not prepared - she was six weeks early and I had an emergency c-section (not the plan!) - baby Mara is strong and healthy and doing juuuuust fine! 
Even if her mommy forgets to wipe her face before taking cute-baby pictures.